Here you will find some of the songs of Larry Nicholson. Be prepared to be confronted. Larry writes songs as he experiences life with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Larry, or LAZ to some of his friends is a surfer who found the peace of salvation in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. He now lives in California USA. I 1st met him in the mid 1970s in Newcastle NSW Australia when we were street preaching, writing songs and playing the guitar. We have kept in touch over the years.

Larry started composing using what is now outdated analogue equipment, in the last few months he's been using an Apple laptop and GarageBand to mix his music. Some of the tracks were mixed in Australia with his friends there. Larry has produced a couple of CDs but never sold them commercially.

He will consider that the audio quality of songs uploaded here is substandard but I like the marvellous word pictures and songs stories that he tells. Most of the songs are about the experiences of his life in what he calls Larry Land.

The songs are somewhat edgy but I'm sure that you will relate to them because deep calls unto deep and you'll get a sense of the frailty of the human spirit and the corruption of the flesh that can only find life in another, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope that you enjoy these songs. I have Larry’s OK to make these songs available for streaming. 

My name is Danny Wooldridge

Some of the songs contain references to me because Larry sent them to me as he was composing them. It is very interesting to follow the actual birth & polishing of some these songs.

Most of these tunes were posted to me on cassette tape - Larry would think that the quality was poor. Yes they are rough cut but they are alive!

They are about life as Larry experiences it but they will resonate in your own soul.

I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!